Words have power. They have the power to create and to kill. The power we do not take notice of. We take our words very lightly. I remember being a teenager and constantly being picked on and told that I was fat and not pretty enough. Those words stuck with me and moulded how I felt about myself and others. This results in a poor self-imagine and low self-esteem. These situations lead me to attract very negative situations during my later years. 

Listening now to self-help videos and teachings, the message is always the same, your words have power, and your thoughts create your reality. Imagine hearing negative things about yourself, they will end with you believing those unpleasant and true opinions or the beliefs others have about you. When actually people normally express how we see ourselves to others.

 A simple scenario: You got up in the morning in a good mood, I mean a fantastic mood. Everything is going well for you that day. You may even get a salary increase or win the lottery. You just smile broadly. You get home that day and your daughter breaks an expensive valuable container or dish. You just look at her and smile and you say that it is okay. It would have been a different situation if you were having a very bad day and you were in a negative spirit.

Everybody is beautiful beyond their physical presence. Everybody is intelligent and creative because we are all part of the beautiful intelligent consciousness. This consciousness we call ‘God, source of all life.

We project how we feel about ourselves to others and that is sad if you have nothing positive to say about yourself. A person, who has only negative things to say to others and about others, has no positive things to say about him or herself. I experienced this personally within myself. You will actually feel emotionally and spiritual off. Due to the fact that as humans we are not only physical beings but also spiritual beings. We are all part of the divine consciousness. Being hurtful and uncaring to others is destructive to us and others.

 Words and thoughts have the power to create worlds. This has been proven time and time again. There is an adage that says, when during the creation of the earth and universe. God says let there be light and there was light. There is no mention of God using building materials or anything physical, He only used words and emotions. These words and emotions created our world, our universe. We have a challenge because we don’t accept that our words also have power and can and will create circumstances and events in our lives.

Words of kindness builds and criticism does not build anything. Criticism breaks down and causes dis-ease or disease called ‘self-hate and hate of others’. Your intention always comes out with the words you choose to use, as words have emotion that results to an energy which could be positive or negative energy. That is why mantras and affirmations are so powerful spiritual tools. 

 Self-hate will lead to hating others. Everything begins within us as individuals. This is a little difficult to understand, however there have been so many spiritual teachers who have come to this physical place, we call earth to teach us about self-love and acceptance and unconditional love. We use words to communicate our emotions and feelings to others. All words are like building blocks and the emotions are the cement that binds them together. If we think about this in this way it makes sense. Emotions never lie even when someone is lying or trying to deceive others, their real intentions will show in their emotions and in their body language or their energy.

They say that words have power to draw us together or tear us apart. Yet we fail to understand the power of our words. The language of love begins in silence and is born in a gentle smile and a soft word of comfort and acceptance. We all do need this like the way we need the air we breathe and the water we drink. Let’s learn to be less critical of each other and more comforting, accepting and encouraging.

 Let’s allow ourselves and others a chance to experience comfort and acceptance. If this is practiced in our homes, our workplaces, in our schools or places of learning, in our communities, in our countries and it will spread through the entire world. We as a world have expanded or progressed in our technology so much yet in love and acceptance we are failing.

 We are currently living in a world of separatism, we move around with headsets on our heads, blocking everyone and everything out. We are afraid to connect. We are only concerned about ourselves. Nobody smiles and greets the other. We are all holding cell phones and iPod even in our homes, parenting has changed. Parents feed their children high technology instead a warm conversation. I am not against technology innovation; however I am all for the spiritual expansion and innovation of the human spirit. Our words and emotions are the way we communicate, and we should use these words and emotions to give and accept love and encourage each other.