About the Consulting Cecian coaching practice

I am a manifestation coach and I focus on helping people to intentionally create their best life.

I help my clients to discover the power they have to create their best life with intension. Manifestation is empowering   as you are not a victim of circumstances. Manifestation is focused on belief and attraction.

My coaching practice is based on intentional manifestation and how my clients can manifest and create their best lives by using manifestation techniques.


Who is consulting Cecian?

I am Cecian Boyce, a university graduate of Communication Science from KwaZulu Natal South Africa; a wife and mother of 2 grown children. I am a happy dreamer, a spiritual being, amazingly successful and loving, always expanding, and growing. My goal is to share my joy and positivity with others. Life gets better when you are enthusiastic and optimistic about life.

I am resilient and a self-starter, who is willing to dream big and to achieve all my life goals despite my physical challenge. I am very ambitious dreamer. People always ask me how I stay positive each day? I take each day as it comes. I find my joy each day by choosing to be grateful and thankful for my life as it is now. I believe that life is what you make it. I focus on what I have power over and that is my mindset and my perception. We cannot control the outside narrative in life but can only control what is going on in our lives. It does not matter what others feel about you but what you feel about yourself and life.

I believe that I have a lot of encouragement and positivity to offer the world; one consultation at a time, one conversation at a time as I enjoy helping others to achieve different and positive insights about their lives. Life coaching as it allows me to share my enthusiasm about life and my problem-solving skills. I believe my view of life can encourage others to see that life is full of possibilities and joy. Joy, success, and wellbeing are a choice in life. As we need to choose to view life differently and hence view ourselves differently. Allow me to change your perception and work with you in a collaborative relationship to allow your life experience to be more positive and rewarding.


Thank you for this opportunity to share.