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Are you willing to achieve all your life goals and live your best life yet?

Achieving your best life yet

Achieving your best life yet is about taking ownership of your current life situation.

The difference between a growth and fixed mindset is that a person with a growth mindset are focused on achieving a wonderfully successful life.

The meaning of what success is is different with each individual.

Growth mindset individuals are willing to invest their time and resources to work towards the success of achieving all their goals and intentions.

They willing to stop procrastinating and take charge of their lives and their personal growth.

A fixed mindset is opposite of a growth mindset as it keeps your stuck in the mediocre way of living.

We all need to reassess our life decisions and actions when we see that we have hit a rock bottom; when nothing seems to be working in our favour.

My coaching style is based on my clients being responsible for their life choices and they are willing to make a change and engage in a collaborative coaching relationship.

Being a survivor of GBV I understand the depression and the feeling of being a failure in life because you in a toxic relationship or you recovering from a previous toxic relationship.

As a survivor of GBV I operate from empathy, understanding and express love toward other gender based violence victims and survivors.