Coaching Areas

Mental Health and life coaching

Mental health means that you generally have a strong mental disposition and if not you can work on your mental state as it is based on how you perceiving your life at any given moment.   Life’s challenges and stresses may affect a person’s mental health condition and cause it to deteriorate. An individual may fall into a state of depression.

There is clinical depression which is caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and social sources of distress.  Mild depression which is characterized by a short period of feeling sad and down is very common today. As we fail to address our stress levels by introducing certain practices and perceptions that help reduce stress levels.   We are living in high stressful times, and we should be focused on reducing stress and the negative effects of stress. A life coach may introduce to a client ways or steps or strategies to reduce stress.

For clinical chronic depression, we advise clients to seek medical help as a life coach is not a medical practitioner. A life coach may be able to assist an individual to receive insights regarding why they are feeling sad and down.

The life coach is there to help the individual to gain a more positive perspective and understanding about why they are feeling down and how they can get to feel more positive about their current life circumstances. Having the help of a life coach is rewarding as it helps you to have someone to talk to you as a form of social support.

A healthy mind means that you are fixable, and you can adjust your perceptions in life when you need to achieve a specific goal or outcomes; you willing to adapt different perceptions or make peace with different ideologies and perceptions without residence.

The major difference between therapy and life coaching is the focus of the work; therapy focuses on mental health and emotional healing which may include medical subscriptions to address the chronic depression. While life coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals and changing perceptions. Setting achievable actions to achieve set goals means to be accountable for achieving your goals. Life coaching is routed in a client taking accountability for their life coaching experience. It is a collaboration between the client and the coach.

Goal setting

We all have goals and ambitions and at times we feel that we cannot achieve them because of limiting mindsets, fear of failure and feeling unworthy of success.

The idea is to gain the confidence in ourselves and our abilities that we have last in the journey of life. We tend to subconsciously hold onto pass negative experiences like failure and rejection.

Life coaching helps a client to set the goals and to establish steps to achieve the goals and objectives. A life coach will help a client to overcome their previous negative experiences with goal setting and achieving goals.

Setting goals is based on how we understand who we are and why we want to achieve certain specific goals in life. A persons life goals should not be determined by their current circumstances but focused on where they see possibilities and success.

Motivation and inspiration

Motivation and inspiration is a feeling that makes you feel like everything is possible in life, you get to feel excited and optimistic about life in general.

A happy fulfilled life means that you are open to motivation and inspiration.

This space is a place for inspiration, peace, and wellness.

Wellness and peace evoke inspiration as the client will be willing to be inspired to try new approaches in life and drop old stagnant limiting perceptions and beliefs.

Learning and development

This is a space for learning and development. In life we all learn and develop consciously and unconsciously, intentional conscious learning and developing yourself is empowering as you change your fixed perceptions and adapt a growth mindset.

The core concept of life coaching is learning about yourself and establishing more productive ways to fix or address life’s challenges. Learning to become the better version of yourself on all levels.

Your growth should be wholistic experience that is rewarding.  Understanding who you are and what you want in life will enable you to set rewarding personal goals.

Finding your life’s purpose

Finding what you have real passion for, what makes you feel inspired about and life coaching may assist you to find yourself and what inspires you.

We all ask ourselves this question, but we always fall in the trap of needing to financial take care of ourselves and our families. It is possible to find your life purpose and still be in love with what you do and be able to be financially independent in the long term. However, this takes a measure of changing your perceptions and be willing to work towards your goals. We all have unique talent’s which we can use to create our best lives .  Life coaching can assist you unearth your inspiration and excitement about what you currently doing and to be excited about trying new unexplored talents you may have.

Personal development

We all trying to find or understand who we really are as in society we identify ourselves to our jobs, our bodies, our culture, our material wealth, and belongings. We fail in discovering who we really are outside of all the material things and circumstances we may be experiencing.

Life coaching takes you into a journey that leads to self-discovery and insights regards to who you really are now and who you are inspire to become.

Managing relationships

As humans we are relationship beings and all life is based on forging, developing and establishing relationships. We also ending relationships to establish new rewarding relationships.  It is a sense of togetherness and yet we fail in acknowledging the most primary basic relationship, which is with ourselves.

If you don’t love and accept yourself unconditionally you have a weak sense of self or a poor relationship with yourself. This lack of self-love may affect all your other relationships with the people in your inner circle as we reflect what we are and what we believe in onto others.

In this place we focus on strengthening the relationships we have with ourselves by practicing self-love.  When you love yourself and accept yourself it is easy to love others and accept others in your daily relationships.

Spiritual development

Who are you outside your physical body is linked directly to spirit, the divine source of all life. Spiritual development is based on the ideology that we are all part of the divine spirit and we are all born in this world to experience the joy of being in physical bodies.

Understanding that you beautifully created and perfect in all ways allow you to have peace in who you are in your physical body as you are not your body.

Understanding who you are is not solely based on your physical body, it is based on your emotions, your feelings and your connection with the spirit the unseen part of you.

General life advice to live your best life yet

Living your best life is determined by what you feel or believe is living your best life. We all have different perceptions regarding what it means to live your best life.  Generally, people think about happiness, success, and joy and personal fulfillment as living their best life.

Life coaching is aimed at allowing or assisting the clients to achieve a life that equates to success, joy, peace, and abundance.

Living your best life is achievable for all.

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Manifestation: how to manifest consciously?

We all desire to create a life of bliss and awesomeness. This is achievable and accessible to all.

Life is to be enjoyed and we are constantly creating life that is not enjoyable as we focus on what is currently in our experiences and not what we desire. We are failing in creating joyous fulfilling experiences; as we are confused regarding what we really desire in life.

What we consciously say we want and desire on the surface is different to what we all really want in life.  Life coaching helps a client to unpack what they think they want in life and discover what they really desire in life.

Knowing what you truly desire in life is the biggest part of manifestation or creating your best life.

Let me help you today to discover what you really desire in life and help you achieve your life desires.

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