As you breathe in and out unconsciously you don’t realize the importance of your breath. That this miraculous mechanical system that keeps us rooted to life has a spiritual value as well. Breathing does not only keep your lungs working, your heart and brain functioning. It also keeps you connected to consciousness, roots you to this physical dimension keeping you close to the heavenly reality. That is why calm deep breathing calms, clears and focuses your mind. It has healing properties.

Most of the time we live our lives going on with our daily activities  without pausing and putting any thought to what allows us to live and experience life in this physical world. The body is a marvelous system so magnificent and so amazing, fragile yet very strong. The gift of breath is just as amazing and magnificent as the body.

 As I learn to be mindful of my breath, the more fascinated and in awe I become. I love the feeling of calmness and contentment that results from a session of mindful breathing meditation. Life becomes much brighter.  My mind can function more clearly, the stress of the day falls away as I realize that my stress is self-created as all suffering is self-inflicted. The suffering is caused by labeling every situation, person or event. Everything has to be right or wrong, bad or good.  So we create our own stress and suffering. We are constantly judging and separating.  

 We forget the miracles of life offered freely to us each day, every minute of each day. We are too busy competing with others and ourselves. Not enjoying each moment of each day. Looking forward to tomorrow and a perception that happiness, calmness is only possible if certain conditions or criteria are met. That we can only be happy if we earning a 6 figure salary, driving a special type of car or being married to a perfect man or women.  

 Mindful breathing leads to mindful living. Everything in your life will be appreciated much more with a feeling of awe and magnificence. You will develop a spirit of gratitude.  This philosophy is found in the eastern spiritual practices were life is slowed down and really felt and appreciated.    We can live our lives experiencing world peace as soon as we learn to experience inner peace and understanding. Next time take note of your breath and take note of the sweet air that passes through your nostrils. Feel the magnificent experience as the air is pulled into your body clearing your mind. As you breathe out, deeply experience that heavenly calmness and stillness. Experience how wonderful life really is.