Life requires us to be fearless, to have some degree of confidence that all will be well in our lives. That all the uncertainty that we are confronted with daily will not consume us and fill us with fear and anxiety. We associate fear with death, since death is the deep, dark unknown in character. We basically fear the unknown. The unknown is pure infinite possibilities or potential. However we see it negatively; resulting to fear and distrust in the process of life.

Living life is like walking with a blindfold rapped around your eyes. Since we move around not sure what is going to happen next in our lives we live on faith and trust that all will be well. Another word for faith is trust. We trust the processes of life to take us through the fearful unknown parts of life. At times on our life journey, we are confronted with major issues, example sickness, death, hurt, loss, and disappointment as well as failure. We may be taken aback and experience some disillusionment in life; however, we have a choice to pull through and find our inner strength. In most cases we need external assistance and support from friends, family, or a life coach.

I recently learnt of a blood deficiency that my daughter has. It sounded like a major life-threatening deficiency at that time. I was terrified and in shock. I believe unshakably that our bodies are created perfectly to function and heal itself. This belief has made my outlook in life more of confidence and secure. Health issues are primary based on a person lifestyle and habits. However, health is also based largely on our perceptions around our bodies.

I found myself shaken and taken aback with the realization that our bodies have been created with little or big deficiencies. In these deficiencies there lie our opportunities and abilities to grow and expand. Meaning that those very weaknesses or barriers we have will lead us to grow and expand our faith and confidence in life. That all is well and that all will be okay.

It is said that we need to be content and rested and focused on what is in the now. Determining, deciding, and trusting that all is well that life supports us one hundred percent. Like a little baby trusting her mother to take care of her. Somehow that trusting and positive outlook on life has positive energy which creates all the good that we hope and desire. Life does not have the capacity to drop us or forget or forsake us. Life reaches out her warm, soft comforting hands to embrace us at each sunrise and puts us to rest when we close our eyes to reach the world of sleep.

I believe that there is nothing to fear in this world, perceptions are everything. Living a fearless life is to trust and have confidence in the perfect order of the universe. The perfect order of life is dependent largely on you as you create your life unconsciously and consciously. Feeling safe and provided for takes away the feeling fear and doubting life.

Imagine a simple rose tree. She is created beautifully and blooms in summer and then experience temporally death in the winter. Her cycle in life does not dampen her vigour or beauty. We should be the same. Our view of life should always be optimistic waiting expectantly for the next bloom.

Death, we associate with pain, loss, and mourning, allows us to experience a new blooming period of a new existence. This is the flow of life; it is rested in confidence, trust, or faith. Life has a flow of certainty and a flow of uncertainty, and we need to keep in step of the flow. We cannot allow our fears or distrust in the flow of life to draw us to an unstable state of fear. Living a fearless life is determined by your state of mind, your state of being or your state of consciousness.