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About the Consulting Cecian Coaching Practice

I am a manifestation coach and I focus on helping people to intentionally manifest their best life. I help my clients to discover the power they possess within themselves to create their best life with intention. Manifestation is empowering as you are not a victim of circumstances. Manifestation is focused on belief and attraction. You need to be willing to put in the work as every creation, intention or goal needs you to apply actions to be able to achieve your desired objective.

My coaching practice is based on intentional manifestation and how my clients can manifest and create their best lives by using manifestation techniques.

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You may desire to manifest your ideal husband and experience love and joy. You may desire to establish your own successful business or manifest you ideal body. All this is in your reach as we live in a limitless reality.

My personal manifestation experiences

My personal story regards to manifestation is that thirteen years ago I was in a dead-end relationship; that left me feeling powerless and depressed. What I desired was conflicting with my current long term boyfriend’s desires. We wanted different things regards to our relationship. I wanted marriage and total commitment and he wanted a different type of relationship.

He was not in the same headspace as me. I ended the long term 10-year relationship and started focusing on what I desired. I did the inner work of healing from the previous stagnant depressing relationship and put myself out there on dating sites that resonated with the type of man I desired to connect to. I knew what type of man I wanted to attract and connect to; I put in my request to the universe. Yes we can ask for whatever we want but we need energetic clarity and intention.

As a physically challenged woman I knew that I needed to be intentional regards to the type of man I wanted to attract and connect to. To cut a long lengthy story short; within one year of ending my previous relationship I connected to my now wonderful husband, and we now happily married for ten years. This is just one of my intentional manifestations as I have learnt to tune my frequency to what I truly desire and not what society dictates. Life is limitless and we can truly live the type of life we desire.

Let me help you achieve the wonderful life you desire to achieve by booking a free 30-minute discovery session with me on this website and we will take it from there.


M. Khoza

Thank you so much for offering such an excellent service!

Thank you so much for offering such an excellent service! You're an amazing coach and I deeply value the time we've spent together and the progress you've helped me make in my life. You’ve helped me develop a “big picture" focus whenever I come across a rock and hard place, I am calmer and always look at the bigger picture. I have the courage to pursue my goals, thanks to your support!

Mr. AC

Cecian as a life coach is an excellent listener

Cecian as a life coach is an excellent listener and she is very empathetic as a person. I am really enjoying her coaching sessions as I can see real improvement in my life. I used to be very negative and pessimistic about my life and life in general. In the 2 months that I have been receiving life coaching, Ms C., as I like to call her has helped me change my negative perception in life to be much happier and excited about my life in general. She has been giving me practices that I do weekly to improve my mindset. I really appreciate her assistance and all her advise as she allows me to have different insights regards to my life challenges enabling me to find our solutions to my life challenges. Thank you, Ms C for all you help.

CJ. Umlazi

I have been very fortunate to have been coached by Cecian…

I have been very fortunate to have been coached by Cecian and since being her client and friend she has opened my mind and consciousness to how I have been contributing to the negative state of my life. She has taught me about manifestation and how to create my ideal life. If you tired of not being able to live your best life, you should consider booking life coaching session with Cecian as she can open to you the life you desire as it is in your power.

Ms Doyle

I know Cecian from childhood, we grew up together…

I know Cecian from childhood, we grew up together in Durban.  She has overcome a number of difficult life   challengers; at 18 years old she experienced a very traumatic violent incident that would have made another person loose hope in life and give up in life. Cecian has proven to be resilient and determined to live her life positively despite her physical challenge and constraints as physically disabled person.  She is a great inspiration for others. She is a great problem solver and a great life coach. It seems to come easier to her to see the positive side of life. She is a very intuitive coach. She has helped me resolve my personal relationship challengers. I feel privileged to know and work with her as a client.

Busi (current coaching client)

Cecian’s coaching style is one which leads to…

"Cecian's coaching style is one which leads to greater enlightenment and self-awareness. With every coaching session and every interaction, I become more aware of the stale beliefs and patterns which are keeping me stagnant, as well as the endless opportunities of abundance that are available by virtue of a shift in perspective. Her non-judgmental character makes her so easy to open up to, and her accessibility for guidance outside of the coaching sessions is major value add."

E. Ade

Cecian is a growth mined person…

Cecian is a growth mined person. A strong woman who has great intuition and depth in life. She is very articulate and detail oriented. All the activities and techniques regards to manifestation that she has taught me have helped me to create more intentionally in my life. Cecian has helped me to understand how intentional manifestation works and how I can benefit by being an intentional in my manifestations. I hereby recommend Cecian Boyce to everyone who would like to learn about intentional manifestation to enable them to live their best life.